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Sultana Salted Pickled Grape Leaf

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Organic Sultaniye Salted Grape Leaf

We fulfill your organic and conventional salted grape leaves demands

Always,same quality

We care about your business and you, we ship with the same quality and standard in every order.

Fast and Reliable Delivery

We finalize your pickled leaf request as soon as possible and deliver it to you on time.

Customizable Packaging

We can pack you in 1,3,5,15 kilogram packages with or without a private label.

About us

We introduce the undisputed taste of the Aegean to the world.

Quality is our basic principle and driving force. By offering fresh, whole and firm brine leaves, we help you create great flavors with you. Our products are carefully selected and processed with care, so we are proud to offer you the best quality.

Fine Veinless and Durable

The Salted Grape leaves of the Aegean are obtained from the leaves of Seedless grapes. These leaves are usually medium in size and circular in shape. To be suitable for brine, thin leaves that are not thick are preferred. However, the leaves are durable and resistant to spoilage during the brine process.

Traditional Brine Method

The traditional brine method is usually a homemade and handcrafted process. Our brine leaves, which are pressed by natural methods from the fresh end leaves collected in May from the plains of eagan, add flavor to the tables.

From the plain of Gediz

The brine leaves obtained from the Gediz Plain have a unique taste and texture depending on the mild climate and soil characteristics of the region.

High quality

Our products are carefully selected and processed in accordance with the highest quality standards. We offer an excellent brine experience with our fresh, whole and intact leaves.


We offer brine leaves in various sizes and shapes. By offering our customers different options, we enable them to find products that suit their needs.


Our salted grape leaf products are produced using natural, organic and traditional methods. In this way, we offer natural and delicious brine leaves while supporting your health and natural life.


We have an efficient logistics network to deliver your wholesale brine leaf orders quickly and reliably. With our timely and complete deliveries, we ensure that you continue your business without interruption.


We care about you and your business. We deliver your pickled leaf needs to you in the promised quality and on time.


As a reliable company with years of experience, we offer our business partners a long-term and sustainable cooperation. Your success is our success and that is why we are always here to support you.


We offer customized services to our customers. We provide flexibility for custom packaging, branded products or special requests.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with a delicious and healthy experience with quality sultaniye brine leaves. As a leading supplier of brine leaves in the industry, we prioritize customer satisfaction and health.


We can export pickled leaves to many countries of the world, especially to Europe, Russia and Arab countries.

Our Vision

To be the leader of the sector in the sale of brine leaves and to provide a unique experience to our customers. We aim to stand out in the sector with our quality products by gaining the trust of our customers.

Our High Quality Standards

We use carefully selected and processed leaves to ensure that our brine leaves meet high quality standards. We strictly implement our quality control processes to provide our customers with fresh, delicious and healthy products.

Daniel F.

ANR Food Corp.

These brine leaves are of excellent quality and delicious. I buy it wholesale and use it in my business and my customers are also very satisfied.

Sara Wilsson


The customer service team is always prompt and helpful. They respond to our questions and requests in a timely manner. This allows our cooperation to continue.

Jena Karlis

Gıda İşletmecisi

Their communication with the company is very good and our orders are delivered on time and properly. One of the most reliable options for making wholesale purchases.

Matt Brandon

Xnl Food

It is very convenient that they offer brine leaves in different sizes and packaging. I supply to a wide variety of restaurants and cafes and we can find an option to suit everyone.

John Larson


We have been buying wholesale for years and the quality of the products is the same high every time. Fresh and durable leaves offer an excellent taste experience.

Images from our salted grape leaf production facility

We are proud to be the largest brine leaf business in Turkey with an annual production capacity of 5000 tons.


Frequently asked questions and answers by our customers who want to supply wholesale brine leaves.

  • What sizes of brine leaves do you offer?

    Our wholesale brine leaves are offered in different sizes. We usually have leaves with sizes ranging from 10x10 cm to 20x20 cm. You can choose the sizes that suit your needs.

  • Our minimum wholesale order quantity can usually vary depending on the product and customer demands. However, in general, the minimum order quantity can be at a level of 1000 kg. For detailed information, you can contact our customer service.

  • Our brine leaves are usually offered in vacuum packaging. Thus, the freshness and quality of the products are preserved. We can offer different packaging options upon request. You can contact us for your packaging preferences.

  • When our brine leaves are stored correctly, they can usually last between 1 and 2 years. The shelf life of our products will be long when stored in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

  • Yes, we offer international delivery service. We can send brine leaves to different countries around the world. You can contact us for more information about international shipping details, delivery times and costs.


You can contact us using the following contact methods for your wholesale brine leaf needs.


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